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History of Cheyyar


Location :

Located in the Thiruvannamalai of the state. The town is situated at a distance of 96 kms to the North - East of Chennai and at the intersection 79o35' eastern longitude and 12o4' northen latitude. River Cheyyar, originating from the Javvadhu Hills and flowing through the Southern side in the easterly direction.

Spread over an area of 10.76 sq. kms. With a population of over 35,201, the economy of the town revolves around the manufacture of Cotton lungies and Sarees products. The hot and dry climate prevailing in the region has been one of the various factors contributing to the growth of the hosiery industry in the town.

Key Events of Thiruvathipuram Growth
Year Event
1962 Cheyyar  bridge constructed.
1983 Selection Grade Town Panchayat has been upgraded into Third grade Municipality. .(G.O Ms No.506 RD&LA Dept. Dt.31.03.1978)
1985 Municipal Councilors elected by the public through election.
1995 Construction of Bus Stand under IDSMT  & IUDP Scheme.
2002 New Water Scheme from Cheyyar River Bed through TWAD Board.
2003 Construction of Council Hall & Computer Room under 11th Finance Commission.

Growth of Thiruvathipuram :

Thiruvathipuram started off as a small union and became a town with the inclusion of Koda Nagar,Baruthipuram and Thiruvathur Villages. One of the earliest activities of the Thiruvathipuram Municipality was the setting up of a Cotton lungies and Sarees products.

Econimic Base :

The economy of the town is concentrated around the Cotton lungies and Sarees products.

In terms of work force, the participation ratio has increased from 35.80 % of the total population in 1971 to 37.22% in 1991. Of the work force the secondary and tertiary sector constitutes 58.12% and 38.14% respectively.

Occupational Pattern of Thiruvathipuram Industies
Category 2001
Primary Sector 17750
Agriculture 17750
Mining, etc. 0
Secondary Sector 3525
HH Industry 0
Manf, other than HH 0
Construction 3525
Tertiary Section 13926
Trade & Commercey 600
Trsp & Comm. 5250
Other Services 8076
Total 35201

Operations of Cotton and Lungies allied industries are predominant in Thiruvathipuram. Around 50 small scale industries are located in the town.

Industries in Thiruvathipuram
Category Number
Weaving Mills 30
Others 20
Total 50